Addiction and ADHD: What to Know?

Addiction and ADHD: What to Know?


Learning about the mental health aspects of an addiction can be truly beneficial. In many areas, over half of those who seek help from drug addiction treatment centers have some mental health disorder in addition to the addiction. Drugs can be dangerous enough but adding a mental health disorder into the mix often makes things much worse. However, many people with certain disorders, such as ADHD, feel that drugs help them to have some control over their life. Often medications that are prescribed to treat this disorder are addictive in major ways. Many people with this disorder are impulsive which is why it is very easy for them to fall into an addiction. If you want help to overcome addiction and manage ADHD, treatment centers can help you starting today.

More About ADHD and Addiction

As just mentioned, many people with this disorder are more apt to develop an addiction. One of the man reasons is that they are impulsive. However, they are also less directed by goals and they react more than others. There is a difference between taking action and reacting. Taking action requires planning which is difficult for many with this disorder. Reacting is just doing things in the moment. With ADHD, one’s frontal cortex has lower activity level than those without this disorder. This means they have less impulse control. If you need help in managing this so you can control and overcome your addictive ways, head to drug addiction treatment centers today.

The Midbrain

The midbrain is another factor involving addiction and this disorder. It is the area of the brain that deals with controlling the impulses. Everyone wants to have that instant gratification or instant satisfaction. In those with this disorder, they feel they need it. When someone has an addiction, their midbrain gets activated quickly which makes the ADHD even worse. If you are stuck in a vicious cycle of addiction and this disorder, call drug addiction treatment centers for help right away.

Treatment Does Help

Many people who have a diagnosis of ADHD feel as if they need to have control over something and that is often an addiction. This thought is blurred by the fact that the addiction and the disorder often take control. The truth is that treatment does help. It can help you to overcome addiction and find ways to best manage and treat this disorder. Reach out and get help from the drug addiction treatment centers.

You will find the help you need!