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Addiction Facts the Whole World Needs to Know

Addiction Facts the Whole World Needs to Know

There are so many people who fall ill to a drug or alcohol addiction. The first thing to know is that a drug or alcohol addiction is a disease. It isn’t something someone does by choice. People don’t decide to throw their life away just so they can use drugs or alcohol. Yes, someone must choose to get help from drug addiction treatment centers to overcome addiction. They must choose to work a recovery program to get past the addictive lifestyle but they don’t choose to have an addiction. There are many addiction facts the whole world needs to know and you can learn about them today.

Prescription Pain Medication Deaths Have Risen

Over the past ten years, the deaths caused by prescription pain medications has risen a great deal. It is traumatic how many people lose their life to an addiction from these medications. Some of them overdose and others develop health issues related to the addiction. Knowing about this as one of the addiction facts may help you to realize how dangerous these drugs are. If you have been addicted to them, getting help from drug addiction treatment centers is the option you can take.

Using Younger and Younger

Over the past ten years, there are people younger and younger, who are abusing prescription pain medications and alcohol. There are some alcohol and drug addicts who are under twelve years old. It is dangerous and saddening at the number of people this young who have fallen ill to an addiction. They may get the drugs and alcohol from family members even. If you are this young or know someone who is and have an addiction, let drug addiction treatment centers help.


Did you know that there are some insurance plans that won’t pay fully for physical or occupational therapy? There are some insurance plans that won’t pay for as much counseling as someone needs either. However, these same insurance plans will pay for someone to have multiple addictive medications each month. This is one of the main reasons overprescribing happens so often. If you have been overprescribed and now need help out of that lifestyle, call the drug addiction treatment centers today.

These are some of the addiction facts you and the whole world should know about. If you have an addiction, don’t let yourself lose the future. Choose treatment and recovery and learn to help others do the same.