How Does an Addiction Get So Bad So Quickly?

How Does an Addiction Get So Bad So Quickly?

There are some people who can drink or use prescription drugs and not develop an addiction. However, for millions, that is not the case. There are some who start using drugs or alcohol and an addiction gets bad quickly. It can develop within months, weeks or even days after someone first uses drugs or consumes alcohol. There are many people who have gone to rehab centers near me who have had very severe addictions. So, how does it get so bad so quickly?

Needing More for the Same Buzz or High

One of the reasons an addiction gets so bad so quickly is because the addict needs more for the same buzz or high. When they first start using they can drink just a little or take less drugs and get very drunk or high. However, their tolerance soon increases and they need more to feel the same way they used to when they started. Many people who go to rehab centers near me are drinking liters of vodka just to get drunk or taking handfuls of pills to get a little high.

Feeling of Getting High

Many addicts love the feeling they get when high or drunk. When they don’t get that by drinking a little or using only a bit of drugs, they use more and more. Within a short amount of time, their addiction has gotten so bad. Many need to use daily or even multiple times a day just to feel high or drunk. They feel the need to stay high or drunk all the time.

Numbing Emotions

Many addicts have an addiction that gets so bad so quickly because the drugs or alcohol numbs their emotions. This is one of the most common reasons that some use drugs or alcohol in the first place. They want to hide their sadness, pain, anger and hurt. When doing this, they realize that alcohol and drugs cover up these tough emotions so they take more drugs or drink even more. This accelerates the addiction and makes it much worse.

These are some of the reasons an addiction can get so bad so quickly. If this has happened to you, please call rehab centers near me. You can start overcoming the addiction. You can stop things from getting even worse. Don’t wait until it is too late to turn things around. Many people lose their life to addictive ways but you don’t need to. Get help today!