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Addiction Risk Many Teenagers Are Taking

Addiction Risks Many Teenagers Are Taking

There are many teenagers who are using drugs. Not only is this illegal but there are many addiction risks that these teenagers are taking. They are using substances that are not intended to be consumed or inhaled at all. There are rehab centers near me that help these teenagers overcome the addiction to these harmful substances.

High from Alcohol

There are many teenagers who are smoking alcohol. When vapors from alcohol are inhaled, the user gets an instant high. This is very dangerous, especially to teenagers because their brains are not yet fully developed. YouTube videos started this trend. If you know of any teenager who is doing this, they need treatment from rehab centers near me right away.

High Off Hand Sanitizer

There are also many teenagers who are getting high off hand sanitizer. They distill the sanitizer and turn it into a drink. The alcohol content of this drink is extremely high and anyone who drinks it is at an extreme risk of getting poisoned. If you know of any teenage person who is getting high off from hand sanitizer, hopefully they can get into rehab centers near me immediately.

High from Lip Balm

Lip balm is another way that this generation is getting high and that can be deadly. They put it onto their eyelid and the term for getting high is named beezin. The lip balm will tingle the eyelids and it will feel like the user is high. Some of the many dangers of this type of high are blindness and allergic reactions.

High Off Cold Medicine

There are also many who are getting high off from cold medicine. There are many cold medicines that when used in excess give the user a high similar to that of PCP. Dextromethorphan is the main ingredient. When on this high, many users are getting injured.

High from Nutmeg

Another way that many teenager users are getting high is from nutmeg which is similar to the high of a hallucinogenic. Myristicin is the active ingredient. Some of the most common dangers from this type of high are chest issues, hallucinations and double vision. Other dangers are coma and even death.

These are some of the addiction risks that many teenagers are taking. If you know of anyone taking these addiction risks, please try to get them into rehab centers near me. It may take them awhile to see that they need help but hopefully they will at some point.