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When Does Alcohol Abuse Turn into an Alcohol Addiction?

When Does Alcohol Abuse Turn Into an Alcohol Addiction?

Millions and millions of people consume alcohol on a somewhat basis but when does alcohol abuse turn into an alcohol addiction. There is no strict answer for this. However, some things might start happening that determine whether someone is developing this kind of addiction. If they are or you are, drug addiction treatment centers are here to help.

Increased Tolerance

Someone may develop an alcohol addiction when they have an increased tolerance with their alcohol consumption. When someone first begins drinking, they may only need one or two drinks to feel a buzz. However, once they get more used to drinking, they need more alcoholic beverages to reach that same buzz. Additionally, when someone becomes an addict they feel like they need more than just a buzz but to get drunk. If you or someone you know has this increased tolerance, drug addiction treatment centers are available today.

Making Drinking Top Priority

Another sign that alcohol abuse has turned into an alcohol addiction is when drinking becomes a top priority. This person starts drinking a lot and thinking about drinking a lot as well. It may be the main thing on their mind. This person might be thinking about when the next party or event is so they can drink again. They may make sure they always have alcohol in their home so they don’t run out. If this is what you or someone you know does, help from drug addiction treatment centers may be necessary.

Legal or Financial Issues

Someone may have an alcohol addiction instead of just alcohol abuse if they start having legal or financial issues. They may start spending money from their savings account on alcohol. Part or most of their paycheck may be going to alcoholic beverages. Maybe they have gotten in trouble for drinking and driving or an assault charge because they got in a fight while drunk. These are just some examples of the legal or financial issues an addict may have. If this has happened to you or someone you know, it may be time to get treatment in a rehab center.

These are some of the signs that someone no longer has an alcohol abuse disorder but now they have an alcohol addiction. It is important to seek help from drug addiction treatment centers as soon as possible when an addiction is realized. Help is even available before it gets this far as well.