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best Alcohol treatment centers

There are many factors to take in account for when looking for an alcohol treatment center. If an alcoholic decides to check into a rehab center they are most likely not doing to so good. Therefore, family help is huge and may be key to the alcoholics recovery. With internet reviews, commercials, and salesy telemarketers choosing the best alcohol center may be a tough task. There are many top of the line five out of five star centers but there are also centers that do not provide the best care. This makes a hard decision, thankfully there are resources to make this decision easier. Ask your self these questions before jumping the gun on your decision for rehab.

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1. What are you expecting from alcohol rehab?

Each rehab offers different types of treatment. Are you going to a 12 step rehab to immerse yourself in the AA/NA scene afterward? Or are you interesting in taking a holistic route where your focus is more about getting your mind, body and soul in align. The decision is up to you, your loved one or your family.

2. Is the Program long term or long-term?

The most common type of alcohol rehab program is 28 days. This is not a golden standard however, some people require more time and some may only need a few days.

3. Does the treatment center use other drugs that may be dangerous?

Many rehabs have a medical detox center that help patients withdrawal more comfortably. If medication is used for detox it is okay. Watch out for rehab centers that push other dangerous prescription pills such as benzodiazepines to ease the symptoms. A reliance on benzodiazipens can result in another addiction.

4. Does the program have after care options?

The best alcohol centers have an intensive aftercare plan. The treatment center should help you find a facility such as a halfway house or ¾ house. If it doesn’t it should at least give you suggestions as to what support groups to join give sound advice.

If you or a loved one still needs more information on finding the best alcohol centers, there are services that can help out. Make sure to do your research! Remember this is a fatal disease and progressive disease. Recovery can start at any minute and the first step is checking into rehab.

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