alcoholism stages

Alcoholism Stages: Recognize Them and Get Help Today

Alcoholism Stages: Recognize Them and Get Help Today

There are different stages of alcoholism. If you are a drinker or even an alcoholic, there are things you need to know. Drug addiction treatment centers are here to help you. One thing many people don’t realize is that alcohol is a drug. It is dangerous and harmful to the body and the mind just like other drugs. The more you know about alcoholism stages, the sooner you may be apt to get treatment.

Binge Drinker

If you are a binge drinker, there are things you need to know. First, many binge drinkers have decided to go to drug addiction treatment centers for help. These centers have many treatments to help you stop drinking and overcome addiction. While binge drinking once or twice doesn’t necessarily mean you are an addict, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways a rehab center can help you. Binge drinking is generally drinking more than five drinks in under two hours. If this is what you do, ask for help.


There are some people who choose to medicate by drinking alcohol. If you self-medicate with alcohol, something needs to be done about this. Not only are you causing your body to rely on alcohol to treat pain, both physical and emotional, but you are causing many other issues in your life. Self-medicating with alcohol leads to addiction. If this has already happened for you, call up drug addiction treatment centers right away.


With binge drinking and/or self-medicating, things will lead to an addiction. If you aren’t to this point already, you can get drug addiction treatment centers to help you before it gets that far. Many people who don’t believe they have an addiction but know they self-medicate or binge drink, think they don’t need help. Even if you don’t believe you need help, getting it can still help you. Addiction takes lives every day. Save your own by getting into drug addiction treatment centers today.

The alcoholism stages are the same for every addict. However, the things that happen in each stage are unique to each person. Whether you binge drink, self-medicate with alcohol or already have a full-out addiction, you can get help. It is just one phone call away and drug addiction treatment centers are waiting for your call. The stages of alcoholism will get worse and worse. Stops yours where you are and get help instead of furthering the addictive lifestyle.