alternative treatment options

Alternative Treatment Options are Available

Alternative Treatment Options are Available

When an addict needs treatment, there are always different choices out there. Many will go with drug rehab centers near me that offer 12 step treatment. However, that isn’t an option that works for everyone. For those who don’t quite go along with the 12 step ways, there are alternative treatment options available. Some of those options are discussed here today. If you are looking for other kinds of treatment, these may be some choices you could use.

Choice #1: Women for Sobriety

One of the alternative treatment options women have is called women for sobriety. This is an organization which is non-profit. It helps women to overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol. It was the first ever nationally recognized program for women who are alcoholics. Many women believe it is normal for their gender to be lonely, depressed and to feel guilty. They think it is normal to drink to handle those feelings but it isn’t. That is the addiction speaking. Going to Women for Sobriety treatment can help to overcome all of that.

Choice #2: Life Ring

Another one of the alternative treatment options is called Life Ring. This is a program that allows addicts to empower themselves through sobriety. It provides support groups that encourage living sober and clean. Much of this group discusses what an addicted brain tells someone compared to what sober brain speaks and thinks of. The purpose of the meetings is to develop a stronger sense of self when sober. If you are interested in this, call drug rehab centers near me to find out more.

Choice #3: Moderation Management

While moderation is not a highly recommended option, for some it is better than losing their life to the addiction. This is one of the alternative treatment options available. It is a program that helps addicts to change their behaviors. Once doing so, they can make more positive decisions in their life such as ending their use of drugs and alcohol. They gain responsibility over their own choices. Even though this does include moderation, many decide alcohol and drugs should not be a part of their life.

These are some of the alternative treatment options available for addicts. If you have a drug or alcohol addiction, these are some of the choices that you may want to choose from if you aren’t into going to 12 step meetings and programs.