Do You Want to Make Amends with Your Loved Ones?

Do You Want to Make Amends with Your Loved Ones?

As you work on your recovery plan at addiction treatment centers near me, you will learn about the amends process. Making amends is when you apologize to your loved ones. You say sorry to those who you may have hurt in your addictive lifestyle. Yes, this step can be tough for many reasons. It can take some time to process a situation from your past and determine your placement in that situation. However, once you do, working through an apology and asking for forgiveness is helpful for your recovery. If you want to start this process, there are some things you may want to know.

Make Them When You Can

Make amends when you can. Don’t skimp out on making one just because you don’t feel the person will forgive you. Forgiveness takes time and you may not get that from everyone whom you have harmed in your past. During your addictive lifestyle, you may have done some very damaging things in some of your relationships. There may be some instances where the person won’t even hear you out. However, you should still do this process. If that is the case, as you may learn in addiction treatment centers near me, you can write a note just to get your thoughts out there. Even if you can’t deliver that note at least you have made your peace.

No Negative Relationships

When you are making your amends, don’t feel as though you must keep up with all these relationships. There may be some people whom you need to apologize to, yet having a relationship with that person would be harmful for your recovery. Saying sorry doesn’t mean you need to let that person into your life. It just means you are making your peace and letting that person know you admit to your wrongdoings. If you have further concerns about this, please call the addiction treatment centers near me.

Be Comfortable with You

Yes, you read that correctly. In order to make proper amends to others, you need to get comfortable with you. Being comfortable with yourself allows you to trust in your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It allows you to stand up for yourself and your recovery. When you apologize to someone, they may try to throw other things in your face. Don’t let them. Say your apology and leave if they attempt this.

These are some of the things you should know if you are going to make amends to your loved ones. Stick with this process and it will help you in your recovering lifestyle.