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Anxiety Management Techniques When Getting Into Recovery

Anxiety Management Techniques When Getting Into Recovery

When you first begin your life in recovery from an addiction, there are some anxiety management techniques you may need to use. You may not suffer from chronic anxiety but there may be some things in recovery that bring up anxiety for you. If you had gone to drug rehab centers near me, you may have learned some of these already. Learn these techniques so you can live a sober and clean lifestyle from here on out. Keeping your anxiety levels low will help you to do that.

Deep Breathing

The first one of the anger management techniques you should use is deep breathing. At first, you may not see how much this is going to help you but you will soon see. There are times when you will need deep breathing and you will be thankful you knew how to do it. The best thing is to do deep breathing techniques multiple times throughout the day. This will allow you to focus on what you learned in drug rehab centers near me to stay sober on a regular basis, especially when you are anxious.

Anger Management

Many people who get anxious become angry with themselves. It is not your fault that you have anxiety but you can certainly overcome it. If you had gone to drug rehab centers near me, you probably learned many techniques for staying sober. The anxiety management techniques also go hand in hand with anger management techniques. If you usually get angry with yourself, this is something you may need to practice.


One of the most beneficial anxiety management techniques after getting out of drug rehab centers near me is journaling. You can get a pre-made guiding journal or you can just grab a notebook and write in that. You should especially write in your journal when you are feeling anxious. However, writing in it on a regular basis will help you to prevent future anxiety as well.

Now that you have a few of the best anxiety management techniques, you can use them to free yourself of anxiety. You can also use them to prevent future anxiety. If you have gone to drug rehab centers near me, it is best that you use techniques you used there in addition to these ones. You will have a better chance of staying sober if you choose to do these techniques and keep your anxiety levels down.