A Bad Day of Recovery is Still Better than a Good Day Drunk

A Bad Day of Recovery is Still Better Than a Good Day Drunk

When someone goes to rehab centers near me, they get to start a new lifestyle. They get to stop consuming alcohol which changes their life for the better in so many ways. However, there are often recovering addicts who question whether they made the right choice staying sober. They start justifying to themselves why they could be drinking again. If this is what you have been doing, there is one thing to remember right in the moment. A bad day of recovery is still better than a good day drunk.

Recovery is a Journey

When you get through rehab centers near me, there are going to be some difficult days. It is the truth so there is no point in hiding that. Everyone deals with tough days. When you remember that recovery is a journey, you can keep your eye on the best parts of it. You will start to realize that even when you are having tough times, it is still better than when you were drinking. You now have the skills to get through those tough times without drinking and that is something to be proud of.

Success Still Standing

If you are thinking about getting drunk again after leaving rehab centers near me, remember this. Your success is still standing in this moment. Just because you had a thought or two about drinking, that doesn’t mean anything. It is what you do with those thoughts that matters. Remembering, a bad day of recovery is still better than a good day drunk, will help you to hold up your success. It will help you to stick to your sobriety and recovery.

Focus on Your Goals

There is another thing you can do if you are thinking about getting drunk again. Focus on your goals. Think about it. If you are drunk again, you probably will not meet these goals. You would fall back into your addictive lifestyle and even lose the progress you have made already. Going to rehab centers near me can change your life. If you use the recovery information properly and focus on your goals, you will see a bad day of recovery is still better than a good day drunk.

Don’t forget to call someone if you are having doubts. Never go at this alone. You have a right to your sobriety and recovery and you can stay sober.

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