Bedtime Tips to Get the Sleep You Need in Recovery

Bedtime Tips to Get the Sleep You Need During Recovery

When you are going into recovery, whether through rehab centers near me or at home, it is important that you get enough sleep. There may be days where you are extremely tired in early recovery and you need even more sleep than normal. In that case, let yourself sleep. You need to heal your body and sleep helps with that. However, there are some recovering addicts who can’t seem to sleep well and if that is your situation, there are some bedtime tips that can help you out.

No Business Before Bed

Unfortunately, there are times when business can cause stress. When someone is stressed, they generally can’t fall asleep very well. In addition, using the screens before you are trying to fall asleep keeps your brain awake. This means it is going to take longer for your brain to slow down. In fact, it might be helpful if you don’t allow screens of any sort in your bedroom. No phones, unless it is an emergency call or for an alarm.

Get Ready for Bed Before You Get in Bed

What does this mean? Well, it means to create a routine that will work for you. The more of a routine you have before going to bed, the easier it will be to fall asleep. One of the best recommendations is to make sure you have everything for the next day ready to go. This way you aren’t getting in bed and worrying about everything you need to do in the morning. There is a routine in the rehab centers near me and this is the reason for that. Routines also help recovering addicts get into better schedules so they don’t relapse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

You may also want to utilize cognitive behavioral therapy. This is something that can help you learn to change behaviors. Some of your sleeping issues may be related to behaviors that keep you from resting as you should be. Using a sleep journal is one of the recommended tools in cognitive behavioral therapy. Many people who are going to rehab centers near me will do this.

These are some of the bedtime tips that could help you to get better sleep in recovery. This is very important. If you are extremely tired or exhausted in recovery, you will be much more likely to relapse. Work on creating a better bedtime routine today!