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Behavioral Signs to Look for in an Addict

Behavioral Signs to Look for in an Addict

If you suspect someone in your life has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are some behavioral signs that you might notice first and foremost. It may not always be easy to spot some other signs but these become fairly straightforward. Just keep in mind that these signs don’t necessarily mean they have an addiction. However, they could be the first signs that you may want to look into more. Our drug addiction treatment centers have many recovering addicts who first were spoken to by others about their addiction because of these signs.

Not Doing Schoolwork and/or Missing Work

There are many people who suffer from an addiction that stop putting as much attention as they should into their schoolwork or their job. Many addicts are still teenagers. They may start have D’s on their report card instead of all A’s or B’s like they used too. Some addicts are in college and they may start missing classes. Others have a job and may get fired from missing too much work. Some of those who are in the drug addiction treatment centers had this as one of their first behavioral signs.

Legal Issues

Many addicts will have legal issues presenting as a result of their drug or alcohol use. This is one of the behavioral signs that often pushes addicts into drug addiction treatment centers in the first place. They may have a sentencing date with the court and have court-mandated treatment. Drinking and driving, assault when under the influence, stealing while drunk and other things have happened as a result of an addiction.

Financial Issues

You might notice that an addict starts having financial issues when they seemed fine before. They may be asking for money to pay bills. Maybe they are asking for money to put gas in their car. If someone in your life never asked for money before and you know it isn’t because a change or loss of job, this could signify an addiction. Many of those who got into drug addiction treatment centers were in a bad financial state when coming in. A lot of their money went to drugs and alcohol instead of bills.

These are some of the behavioral signs you might notice in an addict. If you recognize any of these in a loved one, be sure to speak up. Don’t wait until more serious things happen before saying something about their addiction.