manage your cravings

Best Ways to Manage Your Cravings

Best Ways to Manage Your Cravings

You are going through your recovering lifestyle making it just fine. Some things may be better than they ever were in life and then it happens. You experience cravings that are very difficult to manage. The best alcohol rehab centers may have taught you some cravings management tips. Some of the ones here you may have forgotten but others may be new to you. Either way think about all these and try them out in your recovery to manage your cravings.

Keep Your Mind and Body Busy

If you need to manage your cravings after getting out of the best alcohol rehab centers, you need to keep your mind and body busy. You need to stay distracted. After you are able to get past the cravings you have, then you can process them and figure out why they came on. Some of the ways you can keep your mind and body busy include shooting hoops, listening to music, doing a crossword puzzle or going for a run. These things can help you to stay clean and sober.

Accepting the Cravings

Another way to manage your cravings is to accept them. Don’t pretend they aren’t happening. Recognize what is happening and accept it. Write about how you are feeling because of them. Get your journal out and just go for it. Maybe pick up your phone and call someone to discuss what is happening. The best alcohol rehab centers may a list of meetings you can go to go and talk about it as well.

Eat Certain Foods

Did you know that you can manage your cravings by eating certain foods? Foods such as walnuts, peanut butter, salmon and bananas can help you to ease a craving. It you make sure to eat these foods regularly, you may even be able to prevent many of them from coming on in the first place.

Get Out of a Triggering Situation

You may be having a craving because you are in a triggering situation. Sometimes you just need to get out of that environment for a while. You may have learned in the best alcohol rehab centers what some of the triggering situations might be. If you have encountered one, make an exit plan and get out of it.

These are some of the ways you can manage your cravings. Start working on these tips right away so you can stay sober.