How Can You Help Someone Who Keeps Relapsing?

How Can You Help Someone Who Keeps Relapsing?

If you know someone who keeps relapsing, even if they have gone to rehab centers near me, there are some things you can do to help them. Once you realize the extent to which you can help someone who continues having a relapse, you may be more active in your commitment to their recovery. It is never your responsibility to keep this person clean and sober. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be there for them and help them along their journey.

Get Them More Treatment

If someone in your life keeps relapsing, even if they have already gone to rehab centers near me, they may just need more treatment. If they had already gone through a treatment program, maybe it wasn’t long enough. They may have only done outpatient treatment and they might need inpatient treatment instead. Think about the dedication it takes for someone to stay clean and sober. Learn about the triggers they may be have. Maybe they just need some professional inpatient support from rehab centers near me to help them get their life on more solid ground.

Family Support

There are many recovering addicts who don’t feel they are getting enough support from their family members. They may not be talking to or seeing their family members enough. Even for those who have gone to rehab centers near me, they need more than just professional help with treating their addiction. Most recovering addicts need to know their family is there for them. They need to have family members calling and checking in on them and holding them accountable for their sobriety. Without this, the recovering addict may not feel it is important enough.

Holding them Accountable

As just mentioned, it is important that you hold your family member accountable for their sobriety. Don’t let them drink or use drugs around you. Make sure you aren’t enabling them to use. If they have relapsed, don’t let them crash with you. Yes, this may be deemed as a bit of tough love but it could be necessary to get the recovering addict in your life back on the right path.

Even those who go to rehab centers near me could relapse. If someone in your life keeps relapsing, it may be time to help them a bit more. Their sobriety isn’t your responsibility but you can still be there for them more in the above-mentioned ways.

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