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How Can You Stay Sober Around the Holidays?


How Can You Stay Sober Around the Holidays?

With so many holidays over the course of the year, there are many times that you may be at a higher risk of relapsing. Don’t worry though because there are some tips that allow you to stay sober, even around the stressful holidays. July 4th is coming up and that is just one of many to come. The best alcohol rehab centers sometimes have holiday get-togethers to help recovering addicts stay sober. Here are some other ways to hold onto your sobriety as well!

Talk with Your Sponsor

Depending on how far into your recovery you already are, you may speak with your sponsor a lot. If you are further in your recovery, your contact with the sponsor may be less and less. However, when the holidays roll around, you will need someone to speak to and vent to. Make sure you set up a schedule with your sponsor that allows you to stay sober. Talk with them about how you are feeling and whether any triggers have come about.

Remember H.A.L.T

When going to the best alcohol rehab centers, you may have been taught about H.A.L.T. This means Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. When the holidays come around, it is important that you remember this acronym. You need to make sure you aren’t hungry. Keep yourself filled with healthy foods. Make sure you aren’t angry at someone. If you are write it in your journal, work on resentments or call your sponsor. Be sure you aren’t lonely and if you are call a close friend, someone from your support network or you sponsor. If you can’t reach anyone go to a meeting. Make sure you don’t let yourself get too tired. Take naps if you need to.

Celebrate Sober

Just because the holidays are arriving and many others will be drinking and doing drugs doesn’t mean you need to do that. You don’t even need to participate in those events. You can hold your own sober celebrations. Invite people from recovery meetings, the best alcohol rehab centers or even people from your support network. There are many people who would be thrilled to go to a sober celebration.

If you are trying to stay sober around the holidays, these tips are just what you need. Keep them near to you, maybe you even want to write them on a list. These will help get you through so you don’t relapse.