Most Common Drugs That Addicts Overdose On

Most Common Drugs That Addicts Overdose On

Unfortunately, there are many addicts who will overdose on drugs. Some people make it into the hospitals and survive but there are others who don’t make it out alive. This is a sad but unfortunate fact. The more that people learn about drugs, the safer they can be. Now this is not to say that just because people know about the most common drugs that addicts overdose on, they will stop using. It is just letting everyone know that drug rehab centers near me are always available for those who don’t want to risk their lives any longer.

Likelihood of an Overdose

Before learning more about the most common drugs that addicts overdose on, it is important to find out some other facts first. The likelihood that someone will overdose when they are use drugs is quite high. Overdosing in the previous 3 years from prescription drugs has increased by about 3 percent. Overdosing from benzos from the previous 3 years is at a 5 percent increase. Overdosing from heroin over the last 3 years is at a 6 percent increase. Overdosing from cocaine in the last 3 years is at a 42 percent increase.

Most Common Drugs that Cause Overdosing

People can overdose with just about any drug. If you have had this scare or you never want to, call drug rehab centers near me. The most common drugs that are causing overdosing include prescription pain medications, over the counter medications, heroin, anti-depressants, sedatives, meth and cocaine. People are also overdosing on combinations of drugs such as mixing alcohol and heroin.

Signs of Overdosing

If you want to protect others there are some signs of overdosing to recognize. If you notice these call 9-1-1 and see if you can get them into drug rehab centers near me as soon as possible after they get treated for overdosing. These signs are seizures, major chest pain, major headache, hard time breathing, high levels of anxiety or agitation, major delirium and confusion. Never second guess yourself. If you think someone is overdosing make the call immediately. So many people think someone is just drunk or high and the overdose can be fatal.

Treatments for Overdosing

There are different treatments for overdosing depending on what was taken. Sometimes the stomach may be pumped, medications may be administered and other things may need to be done.

Call drug rehab centers near me if you don’t want this to happen to you. Even if you think you know what you are doing, you could always be a victim of overdosing. If you suspect someone else is overdosing, make that call immediately.