Most Common Opiates Abused


Most Common Opiates Abused

Unfortunately, many people believe that opiates are a safer option than using cocaine or heroin. While there might be some truth to that, opiates are still nowhere near safe. Rehab drug treatment can help you to overcome an opiate addiction. Just because a drug is prescribed by a doctor, that does not make it safe to use. There are many side effects and dangers of using and abusing opiates. Knowing more about the opiates and the most common ones that are abused help people to prevent an addiction and overcome addiction too.


Codeine is one of the most commonly abused opiate drugs that are abused. It is a weak opiate form and usually is combined in with ibuprofen when prescribed. Many times it may be prescribed to treat throat pain for a bad and irritating cough. People who have mild or moderate pain might be prescribed this drug.

Hydrocodone or Oxycodone

Hydrocodone or Oxycodone is used all over the world. It is a painkiller. The most common drug of this type is Vicodin. If someone has moderate or severe pain they may be prescribed this drug. Many times this drug is combined with acetaminophen. It calms moods but it is dangerous at the same time, especially when abused. Hydrocodone is one of the most abused painkillers in the United States. These drugs are very addictive. If you have an addiction to hydrocodone or oxycodone be sure you get rehab drug treatment.


Methadone is generally used to treat or reduce the withdrawal symptoms someone might have when coming off heroin or other narcotics. The problem is this drug is still dangerous and is one of the opiates that are the strongest. Those who are coming out of surgery may be prescribed this drug. Also those who have moderate or severe pain may be prescribed Methadone too. When this drug is abused, overdose is very common.

Fentanyl or Morphine

Fentanyl or Morphine addictions are very dangerous. They are in the category of Methadone. The truth is that Fentanyl is even approximately 90 times as potent as Morphine. This drug is so fatal when abused and many people are dying from an addiction to these drugs. If you have an addiction to these drugs get rehab drug treatment right away.

If you have an addiction to any of the most common opiates that are abused, you need to check yourself into rehab drug treatment. Overcoming your addiction is the only way to get into a better life.