Most Common Ways Addiction Can Affect Bodily Appearance

Most Common Ways Addiction Can Affect Bodily Appearance

Addiction isn’t just the use of alcohol and drugs and that is it. It goes much deeper than that. Using drugs and alcohol damages the body and bodily appearance in many ways. Side effects are often noted when discussion people who use harmful substances. However, those are generally guided towards major health issues which are important, but some others are usually left out. When getting into rehab drug treatment, many of the addicts have experienced the following appearance issues.

Issues with Oral Health

One of the most common ways addiction affects bodily appearance is through oral health. Many addicts who have gone into rehab drug treatment have had noted oral health issues. The most common drug to cause these issues is meth but other drugs can do it as well. Teeth begin rotting and oral hygiene smell becomes an issue as well. Many addicts have lost a lot or all their teeth from abusing drugs. They may not take care of their teeth either which just adds to the destruction of their mouth and teeth.

Problems with the Body

There are also many addicts who get into rehab drug treatment who have issues with their body. They may have a strong body odor, infections in various areas of the body, skin sores, losing skin elasticity, wrinkles, scars, needle marks, acne and more. These things often happen with those who have been using drugs for a longer period of time.

Eye Health Issues

There are also eye health issues noted with people who have an addiction. They may have dry eyes, decreased eyesight or itchy eyes too. These issues are not as common as some of the others, but they do happen. Many often come into rehab with bloodshot eyes as well.

Dirty Clothes

Many addicts let themselves go. They don’t take proper care of themselves on a regular basis. Some of those who have come into rehab drug treatment have done so with dirty clothes. They may have been wearing the same clothes for days or even weeks, in some cases.

These are some of the bodily appearance issues that have been noted with people who have an addiction. If you have any of these issues, please seek rehab drug treatment. It is time to overcome your addiction and overcome these issues as well. You can take better care of yourself when you are clean and sober.