What Should You Do On Your Day Off Work to Benefit Your Recovery?

What Should You Do on Your Day Off Work to Benefit Your Recovery?

When you are living a recovering lifestyle, you need to make sure you keep busy. However, you also shouldn’t pack your schedule so tight you can’t breathe or take any time for yourself. You may have learned in rehab centers near me that you need to find balance in your recovering lifestyle. If you are working so many days each week, you may already be quite busy. However, you may not be sure what to do on your day off work to benefit your recovery. Here are some ideas that might help you out.

Going to a Meeting

On your day off work you may want to go to a meeting to benefit your recovery. There are many different meetings that are held to help recovering addicts overcome their addiction. You can find meetings almost any time day and night. You just need to find them. Calling rehab centers near me can help you to find the meetings that are held in your area. These meetings can keep you motivated and going in the right direction during your recovering lifestyle.


Volunteering is a great option for benefiting your recovery on your day off work. By giving to others, you not only help them to see that anything is possible but you help yourself to realize that as well. You went from living an addictive lifestyle. Now you are clean and sober and helping others with what they need.

Treating Yourself

You always need to take care of yourself during your recovering lifestyle. On your day off work, get a pedicure, go play golf, eat some dessert or do something else that makes you happier. You deserve it. Treating yourself to something nice will help you realize, not only how hard you work at your job but at your recovery as well. You might have gotten some tips from rehab centers near me on how to treat yourself as well. Use those tips now too.

Trying Something Exciting and New

On your day off work you can try something exciting and new. You can benefit your recovery from doing this because it entices you to learn more. It is always a good thing to try something new because it broadens your horizons.

If you are looking for something to do on your day off work to benefit your recovery, any one of these things will do.