Detox Timeline Information You Should Know

Detox Timeline Information You Should Know

When someone is to the point where they are ready to overcome an addiction, there are some things they may want to know. Many addicts who are ready to overcome their addiction are most fearful of the detox process. Knowing a bit more about it can help to ease those fears. Also knowing that rehab centers near me can help with the process is generally beneficial too. There are some pieces of detox timeline information you should know if you are ready to or thinking about overcoming an addiction.


The Benzodiazepines include medications such as Xanax, Valium and others. An addiction to these medications is very problematic. However, it is important to know that rehab centers near me can help you to overcome this addiction. Knowing a bit more about the timelines related to detoxing from these drugs is important. Depending on the person, symptoms of detox might come on as early as a day or even a week after last use. Within the first couple weeks of detoxing, the individual might have major symptoms of withdrawal. Most symptoms include higher levels of anxiety, headaches, insomnia, nausea, high blood pressure and more. Knowing that you can get help in easing these symptoms can bring you some relief.


Those who have an addiction to stimulants will find that the drugs usually come into and exit their bloodstream quicker than other drugs. When someone gets a high from those drugs it won’t last as long as other drugs. When someone repeatedly uses those drugs, they will often have a major crash only hours to days after their last use. Detoxing first takes about three weeks. Most symptoms of detox include anxiety, stress, depression, paranoia, cravings, fatigue and low heartbeat. There are people who can help you through these withdrawal symptoms as rehab centers near me.


When someone has an addiction to alcohol they may need emergency medical attention when going through withdrawals. The symptoms might be days to weeks or even months after last use. The major symptoms experienced with this type of withdrawal often happen with those who drank a lot regularly or daily. The acute withdrawal period usually involves delirium tremens which affect your nervous system. You may also have hallucinations, confusion, tremors, seizures, anxiety, loss of appetite, heart palpitations and other symptoms.

You can always get help from rehab centers near me when it comes to withdrawing from alcohol and drugs. Now that you know help is out there for these detox issues, you can start overcoming your addiction right away.