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Elderly Addiction: What Effects Should be Known?

Elderly Addiction: What Effects Should be Known?

When people start to think about who could have an addiction, there are some common assumptions. Many people imagine college students, rock stars and even those with a family history of addiction. While these are true in some instances, that is not always the case. There are actually others who have addictions and this may not be the normal suspicion. One of the most common groups of addicts who are not under suspicion is the elderly. Yes, there is such a thing as elderly addiction. Unfortunately, many senior citizens are in a lot of pain or they feel lonely and they start using drugs or alcohol. This often ends up in an addiction. It is, however, never too late. Elderly addiction can be overcome with rehab drug treatment options as well.

Memory Issues

Many elderly citizens already have some memory issues. However, an addiction is only going to make this worse. It is quite common that people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will become delirious and forgetful. It is worse with an already frail mind such as one with an elderly citizen. If you know an elderly citizen who has an addiction, help them to see that rehab drug treatment is going to be there best option to fully live the rest of their life.

Random Broken Bones and Bruises

For many elderly citizens, unfortunate falls and accidents are part of the territory. As they age, their bones become weaker. When they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they lose more of their coordination and this could lead to more falls and accidents. Since their bones are already frail, this causes broken bones. In addition, many elderly citizen bruise easy too so these falls, when they are under the influence, bring about more bruising as well. Talk with an elderly addict and let them know you care about them. Help them see that a rehab drug treatment is the right option for them.

The Need to Be Alone

If you know an elderly citizen who always seems to want to be alone this is often a sign of addiction. They may want to be alone so nobody knows they are doing drugs or drinking. Sometimes they may not want to admit they need help or that they are in a state of weakness. If you notice they want to be alone all the time, ask them if they want to get out and do something. You can even call up a rehab drug treatment center and ask what else you can do for them.

These are some of the most common effects of elderly addiction that should be known. If you recognize them in someone you love, please try to get them help in a rehab drug treatment facility.