Do You Enable Others in Their Addiction?

Do You Enable Others in Their Addiction?

While there are many people with an addiction, it will also be found that there are many people who enable addicts. Unfortunately, being an enabler can cause many issues for you and the addict. Now, it is important to note that just because you may enable others that does not mean you are responsible for their addiction. They would still have an addiction nonetheless. There are benefits of overcoming your enabling behaviors. First, you must be able to recognize them. If you find you are enabling the addict, there are many drug rehab centers near me you can contact. They are able to offer you advice on what to do to help the addict instead of enabling them.

Calling in Sick for Them

Do you find that you are calling in sick for the addict because they were high, drunk or hung over? If so, this is called enabling. You are leading the addict to think they don’t have to be responsible for their actions. They don’t need to handle problems they cause. Instead, you are doing it for them. If you are calling in sick for an addict, be sure to call one of the drug rehab centers near me to find out how to stop this.

Telling Lies to Cover the Addict’s Behavior

Have you been telling lies to others to cover up the addict’s behavior? If you have been doing this, you are enabling. This shows the addict that you will cover for them no matter what they do. Usually, when they know you will do this, their behaviors and actions will get worse and worse. Don’t let yourself continue to do these things. Contact one of the drug rehab centers near me to get information on how you can stop doing this.

Paying Bills for the Addict or Giving Them Money

Have you been paying the addict’s bills? Have you been giving them money? If you have, this is also called enabling. They believe they can keep spending all their money on alcohol or drugs because you will have their back. This is quite common but it is not helpful. Don’t keep handing your money over to the addict. Get help from the drug rehab centers near me to stop doing this.

These are some of the ways to tell if you enable an addict. If you do, there are things you can do to overcome your enabling behaviors. When you are able to do this, they are more likely to overcome their addiction.