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Factors Related to the Detox Timeline

Factors Related to the Detox Timeline

If you are ready to detox or you know someone who is, you may be wondering how long it is going to take. There are many addicts who are afraid that the detox process is going to be long and severe. It is important to know that no matter how long your detox process is you can always get help at addiction treatment centers near me. Once you know there is help out there, you will know more about what to expect. Here today you will learn about some of the factors that are related to the detox timeline. Remember though, the timeline varies from one addict to the next and is not always consistent.

Genetic Factors

There are many people who have a family history of addictions. When this happens, it may be noted that the detox timeline will take a bit longer. Normally those with a family history of addiction will be living harder addictive lifestyles. This means more drug or alcohol use very often. Due to this factor alone, the detox timeline may take a bit more time. Remember if you want help and support with the detox process addiction treatment centers near me are here to help.

Overall Health

Considering your physical and mental state are other factors that relate to how long the detox process will take. If you are in worse physical and mental health, it may take you longer to recovery through the detox process. If you are in pretty great physical and mental state, you may find that you are detox much faster than many others.

Length of Abuse or Addiction

If you have had an addiction for a long time, years so to say, then your detox timeline may take longer than some others. However, that is not always a guarantee as it also is determined based on how much you used and how often.

Type and Amount of Use

The type of drugs or alcohol you used and the amount you used will vary your detox timeline as well. There are many people who are a part of addiction treatment centers near me that didn’t use that much at all who still had a difficult time detoxing. There are also some who used a lot and the “hard stuff” who didn’t have too difficult of a time either. It really does vary with this factor.

If you want to know more about the detox timeline so you can overcome your addiction these guidelines can help. Just remember they are not always a guarantee. Call addiction treatment centers near me to find out more.