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Facts About Drug Addiction to Learn Right Away


Facts About Drug Addiction to Learn Right Away

There are far too many people who misunderstand what a drug addiction truly is or what it comes from. However, addiction treatment centers near me help many addicts every day and want to help others understand more about this type of addiction as well. The more people who understand about addictions, hopefully the fewer people there will be falling ill to this disease.

Addictions Affect Everyone

The truth is that a drug addiction somehow affects everyone. Whether you have your own addiction you struggle with, a family member has an addiction or addictions are high in your city at this time, you are affected by them. If you read the newspaper or watch the news, you hear about or see people who are being affected by this disease. Some people are sentenced to addiction treatment centers near me and they can recover.

Billions of Dollars Are Spend Every Year on Drug Addictions

This is another truth regarding addictions to drugs. American taxpayers are spending nearly $500 billion dollars every year on this disease. This cost includes crime, cost of healthcare, lost wages, accidents and criminal justice fees. Yes, this is an extremely high number for the cost of this addiction. This is one reason more people need to recognize that addiction treatment centers near me do help. They help addicts to get a second chance to make things right in their life.

Link Between Drug Addiction and Abuse

Another unfortunate fact regarding drug addictions is that almost two-thirds of those who go to addiction treatment centers near me had some sort of physical or sexual assault on them when they were children. This shows the abuse as one of the leading factors to drug addiction. Now that this is known hopefully adults will start helping children overcome these traumatic experiences before they end up using drugs. They won’t be able to get over it but hopefully with help they can recover.

These are just some of the many facts that everyone should learn right away when it comes to talking about drug addiction. This is just one of the many types of addictions out there and it is a strong one. It takes lives in all states every single day. This type of addiction has a strong hold on people but help is out there. Treatment is available for anyone with a drug addiction at addiction treatment centers near me.