Facts Regarding the Drug Oxycontin

Facts Regarding the Drug Oxycontin

There are many facts about drugs to educate people about the dangers. There are also many facts about the drugs to let people know that treatment can help in overcoming a drug addiction. Today you will learn about some facts regarding the drug Oxycontin. This drug is harmful and very dangerous. The risk of becoming addicted to this drug is very high. That is why many people are in drug rehab treatment centers because of using this drug.

What are some of the basics regarding this drug?

The drug oxycontin is made from the poppy plants. Over $3 billion dollars a year is made in the legal sale of this drug. More with the illegal sales made off from this drug. The largest dosage for Oxycontin is 80 milligrams. This drug is designed to break down slowly so pain relief can occur over the course of the day. However, many people still abuse this drug and end up getting hep with their addiction and abuse issues from drug rehab treatment centers.

What are some of the ways this drug is abused?

There are also numerous ways that Oxycontin is abused. Anyone who abuses this drug can get help from drug rehab treatment centers. This drug is available by prescription and on the streets and treats numerous types of pain. That is partially why it is abused so widely. Some people will chew this drug or make it into powder and breath it up their nose. It is also turned into a liquid and drank by many addicts as well. Anyone who is abusing this drug in any way should get into treatment for their addiction so they can get better.

What are some of the side effects and risks of abusing this drug?

Anyone who is abusing this drug will be facing some side effects and risks. Oxycontin is very dangerous to the user and should not be abused. It is not even recommended for anyone to be on this drug long term because of the side effects and risks of it. Some of the side effects include trouble breathing, tiredness, vomiting, stomach issues, headaches, dependence on the drug, sleeping issues, fidgeting and much more.

For anyone who has abuse issues or is addicted to Oxycontin, drug rehab treatment centers are able to help. If you are ready to overcome your addiction, start the process today by ending your use of this drug and getting into a treatment center today.