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False Confidence Can Ruin Your Recovery

False Confidence Can Ruin Your Recovery

When you start in drug rehab treatment centers, you have a great chance of staying in a recovering lifestyle for a long time. Many recovering addicts are able to stay sober for the rest of their lives after going through a treatment program. However, there are also many who have ruined recoveries because of certain issues. One of the main things that cause many recovering addicts to relapse is false confidence. It is a wonderful thing to have confidence. This will help you to achieve more in recovery and in your life. It will also help you to feel better about who you are in life now that you are a recovering addict. However, there is a major difference between feeling confident and faking it. Your recovery is on the line.


When you have false confidence in yourself, you are faking what could be true. There are many ways to build your confidence when in drug rehab treatment centers and later in recovery too. Building true confidence helps you to recognize that even though you have an addiction, you have the power to get past that lifestyle. When you are faking confidence, that may lead you back into denial. You may start to believe that you don’t need recovery plans or treatment. Don’t fake confidence. This could be very risky for your recovery.

Walking the Walk

Are you walking the walk but only faking it? What does this mean? Well, if you have false confidence in your treatment plans from drug rehab treatment centers, you may be walking the walk but faking that as well. Just because you go to treatment programs, if you don’t do the work involved, you aren’t going to succeed in recovery. If you need help to build true confidence so you can walk the walk of recovery for real, call for help.

Creating Positive Reality

Another way that false confidence can ruin your recovery is that it doesn’t allow you to create a positive reality for your life. It sets you up for failure. When you are faking your confidence, it brings you around to lying to yourself. When you do this, you set up your recovering lifestyle on unhealthy, negative realities that you can’t seem to sort out. You need to create a positive reality for your recovery. If you need help with this call drug rehab treatment centers.

Don’t use false confidence in your recovery. Learn how to build your confidence for real. That is what will help you build up your recovery instead of having it torn down.