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Fun Can Happen During the Early Recovery Days

Fun Can Happen During the Early Recovery Days

Many recovering addicts go into their recovering lifestyle thinking they will never be able to have fun again. However, that is not true. There are many fun things that can happen after rehab drug treatment and in the early recovery days. The truth is fun doesn’t revolve around consuming alcohol and doing drugs. You don’t need those substances in your life to have a great time. You can be social, hang out with people and create your own exciting ways to have a wonderful time when you are sober and in recovery.

Changing Your Lifestyle

The first way that fun can happen during the early recovery days is by changing your lifestyle. If you have gone to rehab drug treatment, you know that changes need to happen to succeed in recovery and sobriety. This doesn’t have to seem like a lot of work. You can make it exciting. Think about all the wonderful things you want in your life now that you are clean and sober. Dream up some amazing things that you would like to do. Then, write down a plan and make them happen. You can really enjoy this.

Do Little Things

In each of the early recovery days, you can make your own fun. Start by doing the little things. Bring more laughter into your life. Watch funny movies or go hang out with a friend who always seems to make you laugh. Get outside and go for a walk. Get to a fair, museum or carnival. Act like a kid again and let loose. You can do all these things while clean and sober. Doing the little things allows you to realize that fun can be found everywhere in your sobriety.

Ask Around and Make a List

Another way you can find fun things to do in the early recovery days is to ask around and make a list. Talk to other recovering addicts in your meetings or group therapy. Ask them what they do for fun now that they are clean and sober. Write down the things people tell you, even if you don’t think you would be interested at that time. Later, you may want to try those things and you might just love them.

These are some of the ways you can have fun during your early recovery days. Going to rehab drug treatment doesn’t mean the end of exciting things for you. It is only the beginning to healthy and fun things!