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Who Would Be a Great Friend in Recovery?

Who Would Be a Great Friend in Recovery?

When you go through drug addiction treatment centers, you will get a chance to live such an amazing recovering lifestyle. During your recovery, there are many things that would be beneficial to know. One such thing is who would be a great friend in your recovering lifestyle. This answer could vary but generally there are some tips on who would be great to hang around and helpful for your recovery.

People You Meet in Recovery

There are going to be many people you meet in drug addiction treatment centers, group therapy and recovery meetings. There may be some people you meet at sober activities as well. The people you meet in recovery who are also working on staying sober would be a great friend in your recovering lifestyle. They are on the same journey you are and they can give you the support you need.

Friends from Before Recovery Who Support You

There might be many people you knew before going into drug addiction treatment centers whom you need to cut ties with. However, there might be some friends from before recovery who support you 110%. They want to see you succeed in your recovering lifestyle and they do what they can to always be there for you. These are the type of people who would be a great friend to you during your recovering lifestyle.

Those Who Don’t Need You to Explain

Another person who would be a great friend after you leave drug addiction treatment centers is someone who doesn’t need you to explain. They don’t ask why you can’t just have one drink. They aren’t going to ask you why you feel that you can’t use drugs anymore. If you find people who don’t need you to explain and they are just there for you, these people could make wonderful lifelong friends.  

Animals or Pets

Yes, it might seem odd for some but an animal or pet can truly be a great friend. They are there to offer you unconditional love. There may be times when others in your life are busy and you only have your pet around to comfort you. In addition, studies show that having an emotional support animal can help to keep recovering addicts clean and sober.

After you leave drug addiction treatment centers, it is helpful to have more than one great friend. Keep this information in mind when choosing who you will spend your time with during recovery.