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What Health Changes Happen When Someone Gets Addicted to Drugs?

 What Health Changes Happen When Someone Gets Addicted to Drugs?

Getting addicted to drugs can ruin your health in so many ways. When someone has a drug addiction, the health changes that happen may be quick or come on over the course of years. These changes could be mild, moderate, severe or even lead to fatal health issues as well. If you want to improve your health instead of draining it, choose to go to rehab drug treatment as soon as you can. It is difficult to transition from addiction to recovery but when you do your health will change for the better.

Bloody Nose

Many drug addicts will get a bloody nose at random times. They may be in the middle of eating a nice dinner with a date or laying down trying to relax and their nose just starts bleeding. This can be embarrassing, bothersome and irritating. If you have been addicted to drugs and get nosebleeds often, it is time to stop using and get into rehab drug treatment.

Sniffing or Running Nose

Another one of the health changes that might happen when someone gets addicted to drugs are the sniffles or constant running nose. When getting into rehab drug treatment and going through the detox process, this will go away. However, the longer someone uses drugs, the longer this symptom continues to happen. It may not be severe but is bothersome.


One of the health changes you might notice is constipation. This can be painful in some people and it can really get in the way of other things. When you are severely constipated from drugs, you may not even be able to get out of bed from the pains it causes. When you get through the detoxing program at rehab drug treatment, this will finally ease up.

Weight Loss

There are many drug addicts who experience severe weight loss. Some addicts lose 50 pounds or more in the matter of months because of their drug use. Losing that much weight in a short time frame can lead to many issues. It could lead to higher risk of infections, dizziness and other health problems.


Some drug addicts experience seizures after using drugs. This could be a one-time thing or it could be more permanent. Some people who have seizures will have a fatal reaction. If you have even had one seizure, it is important to make sure to get medical treatment immediately.

These are some of the health changes that could happen when someone is addicted to drugs. If you are one of these people, get into rehab drug treatment as soon as possible.