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Healthy Boundaries You Need to Stay Sober

Healthy Boundaries You Need to Stay Sober

If you want to stay sober after going to drug rehab centers near me, there are some boundaries you will need to set up. Having healthy boundaries in your recovery means you are standing up for yourself and what you need. You are committing to your recovery by sticking to what you need. Recovering addicts make so many changes to prevent a relapse. Don’t give in. This doesn’t mean you can’t compromise but don’t let those affect your sobriety.

Say No Sternly

You don’t need to be mean about it but you should say no sternly. This shows others they can’t walk all over you or make you change your mind. You must learn to say no when it is something you don’t want to or can’t do. When you have come home from drug rehab centers near me, there may be some people who will try to take advantage of your vulnerability. There may be some people who try enabling you. Be sure to practice saying no sternly and stick to what you need.

Think Things Through

Don’t act on impulse. Impulsivity is one of the things that could cause you to relapse. If you are going to stay sober after drug rehab centers near me, you must think things through. Take your time to think about things that you aren’t sure of. Most likely you need that time to process what is happening or could happen before you make a decision and that is normal.

Communicate More Effectively

If you aren’t already good at this, don’t worry it will come with practice and time. You may have learned some tips on this in drug rehab centers near me. Communication is one of the main keys to stay sober. You should express your wants, needs, feelings, desires, emotions and healthy boundaries to others. Let them know the truth and don’t let them influence your life decisions. It is your choice to make so communicate these effectively and clearly.

If you are going to stay sober, these are some healthy boundaries you will need to have. They won’t happen overnight and you will need to practice them. However, in recovery, practice makes progress and that is what your goals should be based on. Progress means you can feel better about yourself and stay sober. Think about these boundaries and implement them into your recovering lifestyle.