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What Does Hitting Bottom Really Mean?

What Does Hitting Bottom Really Mean?

Hitting rock bottom is something heard amongst addicts and recovering addicts. However, what does hitting bottom really mean? Well, many who have reached out to the best alcohol rehab centers had realized they were far past bottom. The problem is that many addicts don’t get help until they have gone too far. They have their own version of bottom and feel they haven’t hit it yet so they must be fine. The truth is addicts can get help before hitting bottom and the bottom is different for everyone.


To begin with, it is important to know that many addicts won’t hit their bottom until they have died from the disease. So many addicts never admit to their addiction or reach out for help from the best alcohol rehab centers. Some pass away from a car accident while under the influence of alcohol. Others develop a health issue that results in death that is caused from the drinking. It is a reality that millions die from alcoholism. That doesn’t have to be the bottom if an addict can reach out for help before it happens.


Hitting bottom could mean going to jail or being charged with an alcohol related offense. This happens to far too many addicts as well. There are some who will go to jail for drinking and driving. Others will go to jail for assault when they were drinking. The offenses stay on their record and could affect them for the rest of their life. Many addicts find that getting a job with a charge on their record is very difficult. Going to jail could be the bottom. So many addicts are made to go to the best alcohol rehab centers during their sentencing. Even though they didn’t choose treatment on their own, it could still save their life.


Overdosing is another way of hitting bottom for many addicts. Alcohol poisoning is just one of these problems. Ending up in the hospital when drinking too much is a wake-up call for a lot of addicts. It gives alcoholics a way of seeing that they have gone too far that time. Some of them get into the best alcohol rehab centers after that and others keep on drinking.

You must decide what hitting bottom means in terms of your life. Alcoholism is not a set-in-stone one fits all. Everyone must find their own way and you can reach out before you hit bottom so make the call today.