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At Home Detoxing Does Pose its Risks

At Home Detoxing Does Pose Its Risks

Going through an addictive lifestyle is one of the toughest things someone might ever do. Getting into rehab centers near me may be overwhelming but it is worth every ounce of effort you put into it. If you are thinking about going through detox, you should first know that at home detoxing does pose its risks. For many addicts and alcoholics, detoxing at home can be very dangerous.

Medical Problems

There are many medical problems you may encounter when you do at home detoxing. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be really difficult on the addict’s body. Many different medical issues could come up while detoxing from home. There are no medical professionals in the home to watch over you. It is best if you detox in the rehab centers near me so you can be constantly monitored by nurses and doctors in case any medical problems happen. You will be well taken care of and treated if medical problems start happening. Additionally, there are ways the rehab center employees can make your more comfortable during this process.

Cravings and Relapsing

At home detoxing can be dangerous because you may have a lot of cravings and could more easily relapse than if you were in rehab centers near me. Staying in your home environment when trying to detox keeps you around triggers and easier access to drugs or alcohol. When you are still in this environment, you could easily give up on detoxing and go back to drugs and alcohol. When going to a rehab center detox, you will still have cravings but they have ways of helping you cope with them and reduce the symptoms of withdrawal too. In the rehab center, you have less of a chance of relapsing because there are no drugs or alcohol in the center.


Overdosing is another one of the dangers of at home detoxing. When you are going through detox from drugs or alcohol, your body is tirelessly working to try getting rid of the harmful substances in your body. If you relapse while detoxing, you may do a lot more drugs or drink a lot more than your body can take. During the detox process, you have a lower tolerance because your body is off those drugs and alcohol for a bit. You could have an overdose.

These are some of the reasons why at home detoxing is dangerous. Please contact rehab centers near me if you are ready or willing to go through detox and treatment.