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Important Facts Regarding Bath Salts

Important Facts Regarding Bath Salts

Bath salts are one of the most dangerous drugs out there today. There have been many deaths from this drug and the end isn’t near for everyone to stop using this drug. However, it can be the end of your addictive lifestyle if you allow that to happen. If you want to stop using this drug, know that drug rehab centers near me will help you do that. There are some important facts here today regarding bath salts that may help motivate you to get treatment.

What are some facts regarding this drug?

The bath salts that are becoming widely abused are synthetic. They cause similar effects to those of ecstasy and cocaine. This drug is dangerous to mental, emotional, physical and personal health. There have been more than 15,000 calls made to the poison control center due to the use of this drug. This drug is mostly found in the form of powder (brown or white) but is also found in capsules or pills. The side effects of this drug are extremely harmful.

What are some of the side effects of abusing bath salts?

There are many side effects of abusing bath salts. These drugs are not designed to be consumed, yet so many people are doing that and becoming addicted to them. The drug causes a high for the user for approximately 8 hours after use. Some of the many side effects of using this drug are increased blood pressure, stomach upset, irritation, anger, nose bleeds, dizziness, suicide contemplation and more. The truth is that bath salts are poison and they can even cause organ failures, heart attacks, strokes and death.

What are some of the treatments for a bath salt addiction?

There are treatments for an addiction to bath salts. Just because this drug is not one of the common ones abused it is still widely abused. There are many who are addicted to this drug. Some of the treatments for this type of addiction include a rehab center stay, addiction recovery meetings, group therapy, individual therapy, holistic treatments and much more.

Anyone who suffers from this type of addiction should get into drug rehab centers near me. Bath salts can be deadly with even just one use. If you are addicted to this drug or you know anyone who is now is the time to end the use of the drug. Now is the time to set your foot down and say enough is enough. Get the help you need to start overcoming this addiction today.