Isolation is Not Good for Recovery

Isolation is Not Good for Recovery

One of the things that happens to many recovering addicts is they begin isolating themselves. They start thinking they shouldn’t have a social life. When they get into a tough place, they stop taking phone calls or reaching out to others to get help. During the stay in the best alcohol rehab centers, recovering addicts learn that they should avoid isolation. By isolating, recovering addicts will feel even more alone and unsupported which almost always leads to relapsing. Isolation is not good for your recovery.

Feeling Alone

Many recovering addicts who fall into the isolation trap will begin feeling alone or even more alone. They don’t let others into their life and may even feel like others don’t want to help them. They start forgetting or utilizing what they learned in the best alcohol rehab centers. Feeling alone is difficult for anyone, especially someone who is trying to stay clean and sober. If this is the case for you, please realize that help is out there. You don’t have to relapse.


Another thing that isolating does is cause you to become more stressed. When you don’t spend time around others or talk about things with others, you hold all your stress into yourself. The best alcohol rehab centers teach not to hold onto stress. You need a way to let it go. Yes, there are other stress reduction techniques. However, talking to others is often one of the best things you can do to relieve it.

Thinking About Using

Isolating generally causes recovering addicts to think about using. They may even start justifying why they should be able to handle drinking or doing drugs again. During the stay at the best alcohol rehab centers, recovering addicts learn to reach out for help when they think about using. However, when isolating oneself, it may seem tough to pull out of that stump. Once you think about using, it is time to open up to someone.

Isolation is not good for your recovery. If you feel like you are going to use again, call the best alcohol rehab centers. Someone will help you out. They will talk to you and see what services might best fit you. It might just be that you need to speak to a therapist. Maybe they would recommend a sponsor if you don’t have one yet. Don’t isolate yourself during recovery. Allow yourself to reach out so you can stay clean and sober.