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Keeping Sober When Hanging Out in a Social Environment


Keeping Sober When Hanging Out in a Social Environment

When you leave rehab drug treatment, there are going to be times when you are in a social environment. It is healthy to have a social life but you need to make sure you make good decisions for your recovering lifestyle. Don’t hang around people who are using or doing drugs is just one of the many ways of keeping sober. Here are some other excellent tips for keeping sober when hanging out in a social environment.

Bring Along Someone Sober

If you are going to a party or even going to hang out in a large group, bring along someone else who is sober. If you do that, the two of you can support one another. Even if you don’t think there will be drinking or drugs at the party or event, it is always best to plan ahead and to be prepared. When you have someone else who is sober with you in the social environment, you will be more likely to keep sober and on the right direction for your recovery.

Say No

You can say no if someone offers you alcohol or drugs in a social environment. This might be something you need to practice but you can do it. When you went to rehab drug treatment, they may have discussed situations in which you might be in where you need to say no. Remember these situations and practice saying no in a similar environment. It might seem difficult but if you follow the first tip for the early recovery days, you will have more willpower and strength to say no. Keeping sober won’t seem so tough.

Going to Meetings Regularly

If you want to make sure you are keeping sober, go to meeting regularly. That will help you to get more involved in the sober and recovering community. It will help you to learn more relapse prevention tips. Others in the meetings may talk about how they overcame a social environment situation where drugs or alcohol were offered. You can use their stories to strengthen your own commitment to sobriety.

These are some of the many ways you can keep sober when you are in a social environment. If you choose your friends carefully, you won’t need to worry so much about what is going to happen. However, it is still best to make sure you are prepared for what could happen.