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Knocking Down Peer Pressure to Stay Clean and Sober

Knocking Down Peer Pressure to Stay Clean and Sober

After being in drug rehab centers near me, you must be careful who you spend time with, who you socialize with. This holds especially true in the early days of getting out of rehab. There may be some people who don’t support your sobriety or recovery. These are the people who may try to peer pressure you into using drugs or alcohol again. The great news is there are tips to help you knock down peer pressure starting right now!

Talk to Others About What Drugs or Alcohol Have Done to You

One of the ways to knock down peer pressure is to talk to others about what these substances have done to you and your life. If you are going to stay clean and sober, you can’t let others talk you out of it. Going to drug rehab centers near me can teach you that you must stand up for yourself. If you start telling others what the addiction did to your life, they may understand better. They may get that drugs and alcohol can’t be a part of your life.

Get Into Sober Activities

Another way to knock down peer pressure is to stay away from those who might enable you. One of the best ways to do this is by getting into sober activities. Support groups, meetings, sober events and local sober community activities might be what you need. You can do quick online research, so you can find sober activities and events in your area. After you find some, you can tell those who try enabling you what you are doing. You never know, they may want to get clean and sober too.

Learning to Say No

Another great way to knock down peer pressure is by learning to say no. Before you got into drug rehab centers near me, this may have seemed impossible. However, now you have your sobriety which means the world to you. There are many ways to say no. You can tell them you are in sobriety or you are on medications which don’t allow you to drink or take other drugs. You can tell them you have to work or need to be clear-headed the next day. These are all great ways to tell someone no.

Knocking down peer pressure may seem tough and it can be. However, the more you do it, the easier it could become.