alcohol withdrawal stages

Learn More About the Alcohol Withdrawal Stages Right Away

Learn More About the Alcohol Withdrawal Stages Right Away

Anyone with an alcohol addiction should learn about the alcohol withdrawal stages right away. Alcoholism takes lives every day and it doesn’t have to take yours. You can choose to get help from the best alcohol rehab centers today and never look back. You can overcome the addiction and live a better, healthier and sober lifestyle. If you are ready to do this or at least have interest in living a better life, learn more about these stages today.

First Stage of Withdrawals

To begin the alcohol withdrawal stages, you will go through withdrawal. This is the first part that you will need to learn about. It can happen within less than half a day after your last alcoholic drink for some people. In other alcoholics, it can happen days after their last drink. Some people will drink heavily one night and wake up in the morning, wanting another drink. When going to the best alcohol rehab centers, you can get help managing and treating the withdrawal symptoms. Whether you have increased blood pressure, higher heart rate, the shakes or something else, the rehab center can help manage all of it.

Second Stage of Withdrawals

During the second stage of withdrawals, the symptoms may worsen a bit. This is one of the alcohol withdrawal stages that many alcoholics find so tough. The truth there are some medications offered by the best alcohol rehab centers to help ease these symptoms. This stage varies but might be between around half a day after the last alcoholic beverage to up to three days or so after that last alcoholic beverage. During this stage, you may have headaches, nausea, vomiting, shaking, get very sweaty, have anxiety and feel very sick.

Third Stage of Withdrawals

The third stage of withdrawals might have continued symptoms. These may be similar to what happened during the other two alcohol withdrawal stages. By this point, you may have already gotten treatment for the symptoms to help you be more comfortable. During this stage, the symptoms may include hallucinations, seizures or even delirium tremens. These delirium tremens only happen to about five percent of the people who are going through withdrawals.

Now that you have more information about the alcohol withdrawal stages, you can be prepared for the next stage of your life. This is going to be the beginning of a recovering lifestyle and you can make it through all these stages.