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Learn More About the Dangers of Inhalant Drugs

Learn More About the Dangers of Inhalant Drugs

Many addicts don’t quite understand the full dangers of inhalant drugs before they use them. Yes, they may know that drugs aren’t good for them but do they know the full extent of damages that could be done, not always. This information is just as helpful for addicts as those who want to prevent an addiction in someone else. Knowing about inhalants and what they do to someone’s body in the short and long-term can help someone get treatment or to prevent an addiction in the first place. These drugs put toxic chemicals into the body and create a high for the user. They are addictive both psychologically and physically. If you already have an addiction to these drugs, get help from rehab centers near me today.


When someone is withdrawing from the inhalant drugs, it is best to do so in rehab centers near me. The addict may experience sweating, nausea, headaches, muscle cramps, shaking, agitated moods, chills, hallucinations and even convulsions. Some people do withdraw and detox from these drugs at home. However, it is highly recommended to do so under supervised medical care instead.

Shorter Term

While inhalant drugs certainly do cause a lot of longer term effects and damages, the shorter term effects are often present as well. These drugs to affect one’s nervous system. Just moments after taking the inhalant drugs, many things may happen. The user may start slurring their speech, get dizzy, look dazed, hallucinate, lose coordination, get a headache, loss of judgment, become hostile or get a rash. Many of these addicts even may lose consciousness. In some occasions, inhalant addicts have died from suffocation after losing oxygen from huffing these chemicals. If you are already using these drugs, get into rehab centers near me as soon as you can. Don’t wait until this happens.

Longer Term

The longer you use inhalant drugs, the higher chance you have of become of addict and having more severe effects and damages. Many inhalant addicts who use longer term have weakness of muscles, become disoriented, lose orientation, become depressed, have organ damage (brain, lungs, kidneys, liver or heart), permanent loss of memory and lose hearing. Many people end up dying from repeatedly abusing these drugs.

If you have been using inhalant drugs at all, please call into drug rehab centers near me today. Don’t wait until any further damages occur.