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Learn More About a Drug Addict’s Life Expectancy

Learn More About a Drug Addict’s Life Expectancy

There are some people who never make it to rehab drug treatment and their addiction takes their life. The truth is that anyone who has a drug addiction has a lower life expectancy because of their use. If you want to learn more about a drug addict’s life expectancy, this is the information you need. Some studies show that those who abuse drugs will only live about fifteen to twenty more years after they first start using drugs. This could be less and could be more. The best course of action is to get rehab drug treatment before the addiction takes your life.


One of the first reasons why a drug addict’s life expectancy drops is because of overdosing. There are some people who die from an overdose. There are others who end up with many health issues because of overdosing. This happens more than many people realize. If you have survived an overdose, be sure you seek rehab drug treatment immediately. You don’t want to risk that happening again.


There are also many drug addicts whose life expectancy drops due to violence. The truth is that using drugs can turn someone violent. Someone who had never harmed someone before in their entire life could fatally harm someone when they are under the influence of drugs. They may also drive while under the influence and get into an accident, hurting themselves or others. Some drug addicts commit suicide as well. Don’t let any of this violence or harm be a part of your life. Get rehab drug treatment today.

Organ Failure

Using drugs is damaging to the body. When using drugs for a long time especially, toxins begin building up throughout the body. This will often lead to kidney, liver and even heart failure. There are thousands of people every year who die because of organ failure caused by a drug addiction. The longer you use the more risk you are at for developing organ failure. Stop using today and let a rehab drug treatment program help you quit.

These are some of the things you may need to know about a drug addict’s life expectancy. Don’t let your life be shortened because of a drug addiction. You deserve better than that and you can save your own life by overcoming the addiction. If you need help with this, know that a rehab drug treatment program is always available to help you out of that lifestyle.