alcohol intoxication

Learn About the Stages of Alcohol Intoxication


Learn About the Stages of Alcohol Intoxication

There are various stages of alcohol intoxication. Learning more about them from drug addiction treatment centers is a great way to go about it. When doing this, you get direct and true information about these stages and the dangers of them as well. Alcohol affects people in different ways but once someone gets to these stages it becomes a major problem.

Stage of Euphoria

When someone is in the alcohol intoxication stage of euphoria, they experience many symptoms. This could include many things including being talking more than usual, fine motor skill impairment, decreased inhibitions, flushed face, concentration issues and more. With this stage, the addict may still be lucid enough to keep conversation. If you are commonly in this stage, you can seek help from drug addiction treatment centers before your addiction worsens.

Stage of Excitement

The next stage of alcohol intoxication is the one of excitement. During this stage the addict may have impaired coordination, behaviors which are erratic, slowed reaction times, become tired, impaired senses and more. This is when things start becoming a bit more dangerous for the addict and others. If you are used to being in this stage, call drug addiction treatment centers today.

Stage of Confusion

The following stage of alcohol intoxication is the one of confusion. This is when the addict will start having dulled sense of pain, slurred speech, blurred vision, emotional issues, impaired vision and more. This stage is often when people decide they are safe to drink and drive which is against the law and a mistake. If you are getting into this stage often, please get help from drug addiction treatment centers right away.

Stage of Stupor

The next stage of alcohol intoxication is the stage of stupor. This is when nausea, vomiting and loss of consciousness occur. The person using alcohol may have trouble standing or walking and they may not be responding to nearby stimuli. This is very dangerous and leads to further harmful stages. Get help before it gets worse.

Stage of Coma

The stage of coma is when the person’s body temperature is very low and their heart rate gets slowed down. They may even become unconscious or have shallowed breathing. The next stage is death.

If you are falling into any of the stages of alcohol intoxication, please turn to drug addiction treatment centers for help in treating your addiction right away.