Goals in Recovery: Make Them Realistic and Achievable



Make Goals in Recovery That Are Realistic and Achievable

As you finish with the drug addiction treatment centers program, you will need to put a lot of focus into your recovery. One of the main things you will need to focus on is your goals. These will need to the realistic and achievable. Making them unrealistic is likely to increase your chances of relapsing. You can work on your own to create these goals. If you need help, you can speak with your counselor, other recovering addicts, your sponsor or someone from your support network.

Making Them Realistic

The first thing to focus on after leaving drug addiction treatment centers is setting realistic goals. At first, it may take some time to make sure your goals are realistic. You may not be sure whether they are realistic until you try them out. You should be pushed a bit when trying to achieve them but not so far that you feel stressed. Don’t make goals that will lead you to fail. Also remember you can’t meet them in one night, you need time.

Make Them Measurable

Each goal you set up should be measurable. This means that you are able to track the progress you are making. The results should be something you can reach for. For example, you should have a date you want to achieve it by. Maybe there are so many times you would like to be grateful each day. This is just one example of something you can use to make a goal measurable.

Setting Them as Short-Term and Long-Term

In addition to making realistic and measurable goals, you should make ones that are short-term and long-term as well. After leaving drug addiction treatment centers, you will have a lifetime in front of you for living in recovery. You may have learned to live in the moment and take things one day at a time. This is true and you should definitely do that. You should also make goals which you can achieve in short-term. This will build your confidence and give you something to work on now. There should be long-term goals that you can achieve later on. This will give you something to look forward to.

These are some of the ways to make sure you achieve the goals and plans you set up in your recovery. Start thinking of what you want to achieve in your recovering lifestyle today!