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Make Sobriety Your Top Priority Starting Today

Make Sobriety Your Top Priority Starting Today

Starting today you are going to make sobriety your top priority. You may have been doing your best with this already, so hopefully these tips will just serve as a reminder. If you have been getting into a rut in your recovery, these should be able to help you start reorganizing your priorities. When you were in drug addiction treatment centers, you had to make sobriety your top priority as there was no other option. Now that you are home, it can sometimes be easy to forget what needs to come first.

Have a Non-Alcoholic Beverage at All Times

One of the ways you can make your sobriety a top priority is to have a non-alcoholic beverage with you at all times. If you are always drinking water, tea, Gatorade or something similar, you can have that to remind you not to drink. You will also be able to tell others when offered that you already have something to drink. This has helped many recovering addicts who have left the drug addiction treatment centers to stay sober.

Go to More Meetings

If you are struggling to make your sober lifestyle a priority, it may be time to go to more meetings. If you have only been going to one or two meetings a week, you may want to add in another. Sometimes it can be easy to forgot how important all the meetings were when you got out of drug addiction treatment centers. Let this be your reminder.

Do An Alcathon

What is this you ask? If you are not already familiar with alcathons this is a great time for you to learn more. When the holidays roll around, many of the places that hold AA meetings will also hold an alcathon. They will have 24 hours where they serve food, have social interactions and hold meetings. If you want a day of sobriety focus around the holidays, this is what you should try. Some of the drug addiction treatment centers will have these as well.

Put Yourself First

Another very important tip for making your sobriety a priority is to put yourself first. Your recovery needs to be put first and so do you. If you are struggling with difficult emotions, reach out to a sponsor, go to a meeting, take a relaxation day or do something that makes you feel better.

These are some of the ways you can put your sobriety first. Just because you have left the drug addiction treatment centers, doesn’t mean you should forget about all you learned. Make your sober lifestyle number one.