Myths Regarding Addiction You Need to Know

Myths Regarding Addiction You Need to Know

There are many educational programs out there in regards to addictions. Some of these are offered in high school, others in the community, some online and more. There are often events held at rehab centers near me to educate people on the truth of addictions. However, there are still some myths regarding addiction that you may need to know. Whether you know someone with an addiction or you have an addiction, the truth must come out so treatment can begin. Find out more about these myths here today.

People Choose Addiction

Nobody chooses to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Yes, they may choose, based upon various circumstances and situations, to first use drug or drink alcohol. They may even know about their addiction and not go to rehab. However, this does not mean they are choosing to have an addiction. Overcoming an addictive lifestyle is difficult and takes willpower, education and much more. The brain and body are changed through alcohol and drug use and this makes addictive behaviors that much more difficult to overcome.

Only Unsuccessful People Are Addicts

Many people believe that only unsuccessful people are addicts. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are many famous actors and actresses who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. There are also many successful business owners who are addicted as well. Addiction can happen to just about anyone and not just to those who are not very successful in life. Anyone who becomes addicted can go to rehab centers near me for treatment as well.

People Can’t be Addicted with Prescriptions

Some people believe that if someone is only taking their prescription drugs and no more, they can’t or don’t have an addiction. It is true that some people who have prescription medications are not addicts. However, there are also many people who take prescription drugs and can’t come off from them without withdrawals. They feel they need them and they don’t even want to be an hour later getting their next dose. If this is the case for you, know that rehab centers near me want to help you overcome this addictive lifestyle.

These are some of the myths regarding addiction you may need to know. Now that you have this information, you may do with it what you will. If you didn’t think you were addicted but now know the truth, reach out to rehab centers near me for treatment today.