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What Do You Need to Know About Aftercare Plans?

What Do You Need to Know About Aftercare Plans?

When seeking help from addiction treatment centers near me, you may already know a bit about the detox and recovery programs. However, what you may not know about yet is the aftercare plans and how important they are to your recovery success. Not every recovering addict gets an aftercare plan. The ones that don’t often find it more difficult to prevent a relapse. If you want to make sobriety and recovery a bit easier on yourself, learn more about aftercare plans today.

Building More of a Recovery Foundation

One of the main reasons why aftercare plans are so important after staying in addiction treatment centers near me is because it allows you to build more of a recovery foundation. Staying in rehab gets you started well into your recovering lifestyle. However, especially for those who went to a 30-day rehab program, they need more time. This time is needed to develop a better recovery foundation so they can prevent a relapse.

Extended Care

Aftercare plans are also commonly called extended care. This means the recovering addict can get some more addiction treatment, even when out of the addiction treatment centers near me. They can continue with group and individual therapy and go to meetings. They might live in a sober living home or continue with outpatient addiction treatment. If you have gone to addiction treatment centers near me or are going to, don’t forget to ask about extended care.

Safe Transitioning

When getting into aftercare plans, you have a safe transitioning period before going home. The addiction treatment centers near me are an excellent way to detox. They help you to begin overcoming the addiction as well. However, jumping right back into your home life after rehab can be a bit scary. The triggers may be a bit too much. This is one of the reasons why the aftercare plan is so essential.

As you get help from addiction treatment centers near me, don’t forget to ask about the aftercare plans. You wouldn’t want to finish out your stay in a rehab center and not have a plan for continued recovery care. If you would like to have a higher chance of preventing relapse, this is definitely the plan you need when you get out of the rehab center. Talk to a counselor or addiction professional today about creating a plan for after your stay in rehab.