Overcoming an Addiction by Caring for Yourself

Overcoming an Addiction by Caring for Yourself

When you think about who you should care about, who comes to your mind? Do you think about your children, parents, siblings or another person in your family? Maybe you even think about your best friends? What about yourself? When you are going to be overcoming an addiction, you need to start caring for yourself. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about others but if you don’t take care of yourself, you may not succeed with the program from drug rehab treatment centers. You may not stay clean and sober after getting into recovery. If you want to have better chances of staying clean and sober, caring for yourself is essential and here are some ways you can do that.


One of the many ways you can start caring for yourself to overcome an addiction is by exercising. You can develop your own exercise plan, use someone else’s or combine certain programs to make one customized for your recovery. When in the drug rehab treatment centers, they may have an exercise program readily available. Many treatment centers find exercising to be therapeutic and you may find it to be as well. Find exercises that make you feel great. Yes, you may be a little sore from them but they should make you feel good about yourself.


Another way of caring for yourself so you can overcome an addiction is to be more mindful. If your thoughts are all over the place, it is going to be extremely difficult to overcome addiction, let alone stay sober once you get that way. You need to find ways to keep your thoughts on track and simple. Mindfulness techniques can help you to do this. In various drug rehab treatment centers, yoga and mindfulness activities are used in the recovery programs.

Self-Caring Activities

You should also be doing more self-caring activities in addition to exercising and mindfulness techniques. These may be different for you as they are from another recovering addict. You need to find activities that help to ease your mind, reduce stress and feel better about being in recovery. Sober social activities, taking naps, reading books, watching movies, cooking and other things might be some of your self-caring activities.

If you want to overcome an addiction, you must start caring for yourself. Try doing these things if you want to make this happen in your life.