high-functioning alcoholism

Overcoming High-Functioning Alcoholism Can Be Done

Overcoming High-Functioning Alcoholism Can Be Done

Some people who consume alcohol end up with high-functioning alcoholism. What is this? It is when an alcoholic is still able to pull off living what seems to be a normal life. They have their job, keep up with their family, go to events and keep things together. It doesn’t seem to others as if they have a problem because things are still together. However, it is still a problem because the alcoholism is destroying their bodies and will tear them down eventually. If you have high-functioning alcoholism getting into drug addiction treatment centers may be what you need to do.

How can this type of alcoholism be recognized?

The first thing to do is recognizing high-functioning alcoholism. Most people who have this don’t look drunk. They can keep a steady job, take care of their children, have normal relationships with people and behave themselves when they are drinking. These people will down many drinks in one sitting, drink to ease stress, drink in the morning and sneak drinks as well. If you have any of these signs, calling the drug addiction treatment centers should be the next course of action.

What about admitting to the addiction?

Yes, high-functioning alcoholism is an addiction. Admitting to it is one of the first steps you will need to take after recognizing the signs. It is very easy to be in denial especially when you have held things together for so long. However, with more and more time, the consequences will start to show. It you can admit to the addiction and get help from drug addiction treatment centers, you will be able to change things. You won’t be risking your career, family or future any longer.

How can you ask for help?

After you have admitted to having high-functioning alcoholism, it is time to ask for help. This may be the hardest of all the steps but you can get there. You have admitted that you have an addiction. Getting help from drug addiction treatment centers will give you the support you need to overcome the addiction. It will allow you to get proper treatment and there is specific treatment for high-functioning alcoholics. Through the treatment, you can detox and work the recovery program as well.

These are some of the ways of overcoming high-functioning alcoholism. It may be difficult to see now but change is out there and you can make it happen.