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Questions to Ask a Rehab Center Before Filling Out the Paperwork

Questions to Ask a Rehab Center Before Filling Out the Paperwork

There are many drug addiction treatment centers available to help you overcome an addiction. Before filling out the paperwork at a rehab, there are some questions you may want to ask. These questions are going to ensure you get the proper treatment for your addiction, your life and your preferences.

Is there customized treatment at the rehab?

One of the questions to ask a rehab center is whether they have customized treatment. Some of the drug addiction treatment centers out there will offer the same treatment plan to everyone. This won’t work for most people as they need a recovery plan that is customized to what they are going through. You need your needs met in rehab and you will need to go to the best rehab to have that done.

Will the recovery plan change during your rehab stay?

When you go to drug addiction treatment centers, you will need the recovery plan to change according to your progress. If the rehab center doesn’t adjust your recovery plan, you won’t be able to set new goals and overcome more obstacles. Your recovering lifestyle should be a work in progress so make sure the recovery plan is as well.

What is the length of the recovery program?

There are different lengths of recovery programs you will find at drug addiction treatment centers. The most common program lengths include 28, 30, 60 and 90 days. There are some programs that are longer than that. You can ask the rehab center coordinator when you make the call.

What payments are accepted for the rehab center?

You will also need to know how you can pay for the rehab center stay. Some of the drug addiction treatment centers accept insurance, private pay, loans and more. This is something that may vary from one rehab to the next so make sure you know this before filling out the paperwork.

What is the plan after your stay in rehab?

It is also important to know what the plan is after your stay in the rehab center. Some of the centers will offer an aftercare plan. This may include continued therapy, going to meetings, meeting with a sponsor and other recovery work.

These are some of the questions you should ask drug addiction treatment centers before filling out the paperwork. By asking these questions, you will know you are getting into the right rehab.