Relapse: It Isn’t the End of Your Recovering Lifestyle

Relapse: It Isn’t the End of Your Recovering Lifestyle

At the beginning of your sobriety, you reached out to drug rehab treatment centers. By now, you may have finished the program at one of those centers because you completed the treatment plan. During the course of your recovery, you may have worked the steps, worked through conflicts and achieved many things in your life. Now, you are dealing with a relapse so you need to stop for a moment. Maybe you aren’t sure how it even happened but you will figure it out. Know that relapsing doesn’t signify the end of your recovery. It just means you need to do a few things to determine the cause so you may prevent it from happening again.

Letting Your Feelings Flow

One of the first things to do if you have had a relapse is to let your feelings flow. Don’t keep them bottled inside. That may be what caused relapsing in the first place. Let yourself cry over the situation. Bring out all your feelings; the good and the bad. Take some time to recognize what you are feeling and write them down if it helps you. After you have done this, talk to someone or multiple people about what you are feeling. This process helps you to move past the relapsing and continue your recovery. If you have gone to drug rehab treatment centers, talk to them about what you should do next so it doesn’t happen again.

Know Relapsing Isn’t Failing

If you have relapsed, know that it isn’t failing. There are many recovering addicts who relapse. It is just a bump in your road to recovery. The recovery process is life-long. It is normal to have a bump or a few along the way. Relapsing doesn’t mean you are failing in your recovering lifestyle. It means you may need to go back to drug rehab treatment centers and work through an altered recovery plan. It may mean you need to stop taking on so much and focus more on your recovery.

Learning from Mistakes

If you relapse in your recovery, learning from mistakes you have made should happen next. That is exactly what relapsing is. It is not failing but a mistake. You stumbled and fell but now you can pick yourself back up again. It is time go over your recovery plan and what you have done in your recovery. Think about what could have triggered your relapse and see what you can do differently from here on out.

These are some of the things to know about a relapse. Once you recognize what happened, allow yourself to move forward in your recovery.