Relapse vs. Slip: What is the Difference?

Relapse Versus Slip: What is the Difference?

One of the main focuses that recovering addicts deal with is relapsing. There are many who relapse and learn from it. Others might be relapsing and continue doing so because they don’t spend time trying to figure out what went wrong. Those who have gone to rehab centers near me might learn more about the difference between a relapse and a slip. They aren’t the same thing and it does make a difference which one occurs. Learn more about this today so you can be more aware of what is happening in your recovery.

Moments of Extreme Weakness

Generally, when a recovering addict experiences a moment of extreme weakness, that is when a slip might occur. They may be feeling extremely sad or depressed, maybe grieving over someone in their life as well. When these weaknesses show up, the recovering addict may lose sight of why they need to stay sober and might use drugs or drink again. This is a moment of weakness and soon after they realize what they did and get sober quickly. They may not need help from rehab centers near me.

More Than Once

A relapse occurs more than once. It isn’t like the slip when the recovering addict recognizes they need to get sober immediately. Instead, with relapsing, the recovering addict uses drugs or alcohol continuously until they get back into rehab centers near me or get help again. They abandon their recovery principles and plan. Their addictive behaviors start coming out again as well. It takes a lot of strength, determination and work to get back on the right path after relapsing.

Slipping to Relapsing

It starts with a slip and then what comes next determines whether the recovering addict is relapsing or not. If they don’t stop using drugs or alcohol, they are relapsing. Now, if they do immediately recognize that the one-time event took them off their recovering path and get back into sobriety, that was only a slip.

These are the differences between a slip and a relapse. There is so much to learn about the recovery process and how to prevent relapsing. If you have a slip, be sure you stop things at that. If you need to go back to rehab centers near me before relapsing, do it. There is no shame in asking for help so that things don’t go any further down the addictive path.